About Momentum Sports Therapy

At Momentum Sports Therapy, we pride ourselves on providing the best solutions for all of your health concerns. We utilize multiple assessment tools to make sure that the root cause of dysfunction is uncovered for each and every client. At Momentum, we educate each client on the reasons behind their pain or poor health and provide customized solutions in every situation. Whether you come to us with an injury or an overall health concern, we develop an individualized program to help you succeed. Utilizing techniques such as Active Release Techniques (ART) and Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, our highly-trained sports therapy professionals provide elite care to maximize results and return you to activity as quickly as possible. We enhance our client care by offering Functional Medicine programs. These programs allow us to optimize athletic performance as well as help you take control of your health to avoid drugs and surgery.   

The services we provide continue to expand and currently include: chiropractic, sports and neuromuscular massage, Active Release Techniques (ART), neuromuscular rehab, kinesio taping, diagnostic lab testing (blood, saliva, and stool), metabolic assessments, functional medicine, high-grade supplementation, and optimized lifestyle programs. This comprehensive list of available services allows us to provide elite performance care for the athlete and effective wellness care for everyone.  Our goal is to provide elite level care while empowering each client to take care of their own health.